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Best Phoenix, Arizona Photography Locations

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you're a photographer in the Phoenix, Arizona area, check out five of my favorite spots to photograph couples and families.

The Phoenix area is rich and beautiful with such diverse desert landscape. You have a lot of options to get creative and make some magic with your clients.

Jessica Cherie Photography


1) Coon Bluff | Fort McDowell, Arizona

Coon Bluff is a recreation site nestled near the Salt River and because of its location, it is lush with these beautiful desert trees. If you live in Arizona, you know that finding green locations can be a bit of a challenge and it's always good to have options other than open desert for your clients.

2) Jewel of Cave Creek | Cave Creek, Arizona

Jewel of Cave Creek is a magical place. It is situated down in a little gully, surrounded by water, large groves of trees, and these beautiful saguaro cacti. It is the perfect place for your clients if they are wanting a more distinct desert landscape.

3) Desert Botanical Gardens | Phoenix, Arizona

The Desert Botanical Gardens are large, beautiful, and have fully paved paths for clients who may have strollers or concerns with walking through the open desert. You do need to pay admission to enter, but there is no photography fee, which is a huge deal!

4) South Mountain | Phoenix, Arizona

South Mountain has a lot to offer, with most of its popular locations showing off that beautiful Arizona desert landscape. It is a great option if you are looking to include multiple layers in your background, such as desert plants, saguaro cacti, and mountains.

5) Apache Junction | Apache Junction, Arizona

In my opinion, Apache Junction has some of the most quintessential locations in the Phoenix area for open desert, especially at sunset. If your clients are asking for a typical and beautiful desert location, I would highly recommend exploring this area.

Ready for more location tips?

Check out my Phoenix, Arizona Location Guide!

Location has a HUGE impact on the style, appeal, and overall effect of your work. But let's be honest, photographers wear many hats and "explorer" is one that many photographers struggle with. It can be difficult to find time to scout for amazing locations while also booking clients, editing shoots, marketing, managing accounting, not to mention all the other items you juggle in your business.

I've created this guide for photographer friends in the Phoenix, Arizona area. My hope is that it will be a huge relief and time saver for those who may be new to the area, whose lives are too busy to go out and be an "explorer", or maybe a seasoned professional who could simply use some new go-to spots.

What is included in the guide?

  • 25 beautiful locations in the Phoenix, Arizona area

  • Each has a Google map link for easy access

  • Example images to give you a feel of the area

  • A description of the landscape for further information

  • Helpful instructions for accessing my favorite spots

  • An easy PDF downloadable guide

Are you ready to try some new spots and spend less time worrying about locations? Check out my guide here.

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