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Hey, I'm Jess!

A Utah family + wedding photographer, based in St. George, Utah. When I'm not behind a camera or computer, you can find me sporting a messy bun and comfy clothes with my babies snuggled up on my lap. I love to read with my kids and go on hikes to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.


I'm married to my best friend and better half. He simultaneously keeps our family both wild and down to Earth. My family's favorite place is anywhere we are together (but especially if we are together at Disneyland).

I love design, cooking/baking, and I couldn't live without breakfast food. Those who know me best would tell you that I'm secretly funny, my Jimmy John's order is a #16-no tomato-with onion, and the best way to stress me out is for everyone to talk to me at once.


I am an open communicator by nature and a creative at heart. For me, photography is a unique way to slow down and capture the nostalgia and raw emotion of life's fleeting moments. My greatest work is to help tell your story by creating joyful, authentic, and true images to last you a lifetime.

My Vision

I want to cultivate a space for you and the ones you love to just be yourselves. For me, it is about capturing the raw, the beautiful, and even the messy moments. It's in those moments we find the everyday magic of your love and connection. It's time to embrace your silly quirks, the inside jokes, tantrums, and all that you are willing to show and share. Together we can create images that are full of meaning and love.

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